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Philippe Gourdon captures the public's attention with his innovative vision of light in motion, the fruit of expertise accumulated over the years. His first achievements were as a lighting designer, notably working on the first halogen bulbs, which earned him numerous awards, including a nomination for the Compasso d'Oro in Milan in 1990 and his participation in the Mutant Materials exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1995.

Philippe went on to pioneer the first-ever installation of digital LEDs in a concept car for Citroën in 2002. Since then, he has continued to perfect his know-how and innovations for brands such as Bmw, Peugeot, Hyundaï, Renault and Toyota.  His ambition is to transform the world of automotive mechanics into multiple colorful perceptions of material light.

The first sparks of his passion for light came as a child, but it was by attending kinetic art exhibitions that he really found his artistic path. The combination of movement and light became the essential component of his work.

Through these experiences, he discovered his passion for animated light and its ability to transform ordinary spaces into vibratory sensations. His aim is to emotionally reshape our perception of movement through the observation of pixel displacements.

His works are in constant motion, evolving from simple forms to more complex assemblages to simulate a contemplative meditation that soothes the mind and transports us to a multidimensional universe.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of his luminous art, Philippe Gourdon illuminates the path of darkness through the rhythm of his compositions. His work embodies a fusion of light, movement and emotion, inviting the viewer to plunge into a universe where light becomes a living, eternal force.

Why light ?

The artist Philippe Gourdon's passion for light has its roots in his distant childhood. A striking event or an unexpected revelation awakened in him an intense emotion, which anchored itself in his memory and never left him.


His favorite toy during his childhood was an electric train, which he used to create improbable tracks and observe the movement of light emanating from the miniature locomotive in the darkness of his room. This experience undoubtedly unconsciously influenced his sensitivity and artistic creativity for light. Later on, the discovery of the first works of Nicolas Schöffer and Julio le Parc revealed to him the lumino-kinetic movement as an obvious choice for the continuation of his artistic work.


2023: Galerie Marino: Exhibition ligne à ligne (Paris)

2023: Galerie Metahaus: Exhibition (in)matérial (Paris)

2023: Galerie Gérard Bertrand: Exhibition Paradise (Narbonne)

2024: Galerie Marie-Robin: Exhibition Abstraction (Paris)

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 . It is close to a spiritual experience. "Today, designers are very young and sometimes lack of culture. Where an insurance loss . The proof: they add . The formal complexity news comes from there. It's easy to do something, but more difficult to keep it simple. The Japanese are good for that. It must also salute Volvo , their classical forms are very stylish . " Work light provides an additional spatial dimension. It involves the choice of shapes, materials , colors , ergonomics ... "It is not incidental, it is an obligation . Everyone is susceptible. As the sound quality . "

To marry lighting useful and well -being, Philippe Gourdon took up the light, examined it , worked, feel domesticated . The made it fresh and powerful . " An elegant lighting creates a sense of well -being. A warm mood light brings a sense of harmony in a vehicle. It feels almost at home. "

Its role as an industrial designer would it therefore needs while distinguishing itself from the competition by its qualities of innovation? Not so simple. Must incorporate trends, consumer behavior and design innovations for future equipment. 

Today, LED lighting has become the standard for the automotive industry. See and be seen . With , above all, an identifiable aesthetic by other users . "We began working forms . At first, I was called to highlight an interior already completed . 

«Now , the light and the material we work together upstream. " The appointment of Philippe Gourdon favorite remains the Light + Building in Frankfurt , the largest exhibition of light. Fashion the growing personalization of 

CV Born in Paris in 1955, Philippe Gourdon trained in design and interior

architecture at the Esag school in Paris. For ten years, he worked as a lighting designer.

From the 2000s onwards, he worked with various car manufacturers. He has more than fifteen concept cars to his credit.

His work is exhibited at the Centre

Pompidou in Paris.


              CARS LUX




f every idea appears a new spark , while Philippe Gourdon must be at the origin of the Milky Way. The designer of the light, as he defines himself , invents and creates speed. Talk with him is playing with a controller: ideas fuse , speech rate increases sharply

Considered the inventor of a new profession in the automotive world , it is both passionate designer , engineer, designer , psychologist, and mix the composite mixture to illuminate and change the world. 

Pencil. His career as a lighting designer began fifteen years ago with Citroën . The hardest part was to convince builders, he remembers . "The automotive industry is ambiguous, traditionally very closed, but it opened gradually . The evidence, they took ten years to get to the Milan show . Me , I go for twenty years. Now they are moving to communicate and see what others are doing. " Every launch model, the trade issue is such that the pencil stroke must love at first sight . What paralyze more creative . "I am passionate about photography and I saw the birth of digital . At first, there were revolutionary concepts boxes . It's over, they all look the old reflex , he regrets . People love new technology, but they want to be reassured. For cars , this may be the explanation for the success of the Germans, who innovate while remaining in the same design. "

His tunes Professor Nimbus are misleading. Behind lies a formidable creator. Philippe Gourdon is an alien in the automotive landscape, a sponge that absorbs trends, innovative meteorites and delivers . Not easy to invent a soul to a sheet metal box

With LED , there is a perfect blend of elegance and stimulation, we invent scenarios light. " Scattered throughout the cabin, they bring a touch of freshness. LED lighting and a cold affects your mood and makes you feel fit. With LED warm , the atmosphere is comfortable and luxury.

" Light Therapy ". Gourdon , light can have medical applications . "The car has become frustrating , decreased speed and engine are the cause . Imagine the time you spend in our vehicle regenerates our cells. Light therapy, in terms of marketing is something powerful. 

Latest innovation OLED lighting , which is used to make TV screens. Perfect for displaying information that you want. To put it simply , LEDs are bright spots while OLED lights are superficial . Next steps expected by Philippe Gourdon the picoprojecteurs . "Instead of projecting light , images are projected using microprisms and LED . " And the laser diode , ten times smaller than the LED .

Warm, subdued lighting

brings a feeling of

of harmony in a vehicle.

You almost feel at home.

Philippe Gourdon

The light is especially become the visual signature branding . In the darkness, the characteristic appearance of the headlights must be recognizable . "It is important to stand out. The pleasure of the car does not want to say much , recognizes Gourdon. There is so much pressure that finally there will be the sound and light. The new engines , it has to do with ... You must stake everything on wellness and ergonomics " And to illustrate his point . " It took twenty years to armrest between the seats and the thick carpet in cars ! "

vehicles that lighting is a business for the future. Precisely the future, he sees it as a mix between light and matter , to find the lost visual magic . "With a builder , I prepare different types of lights for each material. It is on intangible concepts , such as heat , touch ... 

Lighting installation for: 

Bmw, Citroën, Hyundaï, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Valeo (2005/2015) 

Lighting products Designed by Philippe Gourdon (1995/2005)


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